Official Deadlock Sites:

Atari, Inc.

Deadlock’s Copyright Holder, there are no Deadlock Support Pages anymore.

Deadlock: Planetary Conquest Official Site (Web Archive Link)

The official Deadlock page on Accolade’s website from 1996. It disappeared in 1998 after the release of Deadlock II.

EA Japan: Deadlock (Web Archive Link)

The Official Site for the Japanese Version of Deadlock.

Deadlock II: Shrine Wars Official Site (Web Archive Link)

The official Deadlock II page on Accolade’s website from 1998.

Cyberlore Deadlock II: Shrine Wars Page

Deadlock II’s developer, Cyberlore’s page.

Other Deadlock fan-sites, none of which are updated anymore:

Deadlock Portal

Home of DeadlockChat, previously the biggest community of Deadlock fans on the Internet with over 100 members.

Cyth Command Center

Features some nice strategies for Deadlock and Deadlock II. The original site is included as a Zip archive.

Paul and Martie’s Deadlock Resource Center (Web Archive Link)

Information on various aspects of Deadlock, as well as old email addresses of other players.

Deadlock Cheats

A site featuring Deadlock Cheats.

Deadlock Ladder 2.0

Host of the Summer Slaughter project, which hasn’t run for over a decade.

Deadlock at Various Game Sites:

Deadlock: Planetary Conquest at MobyGames

Deadlock II: Shrine Wars at MobyGames

Deadlock: Planetary Conquest(Mac) at GameSpot

Deadlock: Planetary Conquest(PC) at GameSpot

Deadlock II: Shrine Wars at GameSpot

Wikipedia Pages:

Deadlock: Planetary Conquest at Wikipedia

Deadlock II: Shrine Wars at Wikipedia

Websites of people who worked on the games:

Matthew Ford

The homepage of Matthew “Overseer” Ford

Kona Earth

The website for Gary “Ubergeneral” Strawn’s Kona coffee growing farm.

Chip Harris Music

The man behind the score of Deadlock: Planetary Conquest.

Deadlock Concept Art

Concept Art for Deadlock by Beckett Gladney at Art Beco.


Deadlock III: Manifolds Destiny

A modification for Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri currently in development. Thread link at the We Play Civ forum.

Multi-Player Services:


Supports the Mac version of Deadlock, requires Mac OS X with the Classic Environment to play Deadlock. It’s free!


Supports the Windows version of Deadlock and Deadlock II.


World Village: Deadlocked, a review of Deadlock: Planetary Conquest