Deadlock: Planetary Conquest


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Deadlock was released for Windows in July 1996 by Accolade, with localisations of the game in languages such as German, French, Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese, following later that year. In 1997 Lion Interactive ported the game to Mac OS, which was published by MacSoft. The Mac version featured higher quality sound and music than the Windows version.

The story follows 8 races, the ChCh’t, Cyth, Humans, Maug, Re’Lu, Skirineen, Tarth and Uva Mosk. Who are all vying for control of the planet, Gallius IV, one of the last desirable uninhabited worlds in this region of space. The 8 races finally agreed to stop fighting for it in space and battle on the surface of Gallius IV.

7 of the 8 races then agreed to a pact, any race that built the agreed number of City Centres or drives away all opposition keeps the world forever. Those who did not agree were not allowed to land. The Skirineen were the only race not to agree. They, however, have decided to operate the Black Market in orbit, trading resources, technology, units and information to any player that needs it, for an unfair price. It is, however, against the rules of the pact of Gallius IV to contact them.

To begin each race will be allowed to land 400 colonists on to the surface of the planet, with basic resources Food, Wood, Energy and Iron. Each race will also construct immediately after landing: some housing, a coloniser and a City Centre. There is no limits on what can be researched.

Good Luck.


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